Kennismaking met onze ambassadeurs #1!

donderdag 10 maart 2022

In het project Grenzenlo(o)s Talent! wordt er samengewerkt met verschillende partijen in Nederland en Duitsland. In deze reeks zijn meerdere ambassadeurs van ons project aan het woord. Te beginnen met Alina Wilkens, zij studeert en werkt bij de International Business School van de Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. Ze is geboren in Duitsland en groeide op in Bremen. Drie jaar geleden verhuisde zij voor haar studie naar Nederland en woont nu in Groningen.

Bitte stelle dich vor

I am Alina Wilkens, and I am a third-year Bachelor student in International Business at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. I was born and raised in Bremen, Germany and I decide to move to the Netherlands for my studies.

Warum willst du Botschafter für die grenzübergreifende Zusammenarbeit sein?

I genuinely believe that diversity is one of the most beautiful things and that it is the greatest strength a team can have. Working together with people that see things from a different point of view, can be challenging, but is most of all inspiring and enhances the creativity. When I worked for Startup EDR as a Regional Office intern in Groningen, I had the pleasure to collaborate with many stakeholders from both the Dutch and the German side of the Ems-Dollart region, and my key take away was that only the collaboration makes the project and this region strong. Diversity is our best asset.

Wir bringen Arbeitgeber, Arbeitssuchende und Studierende grenzübergreifend zusammen. Was hältst du davon?

I think that is amazing! And it should be further encouraged. When I look back at the time when I first moved to the Netherlands, I began to notice the differences between the cultures, and in the beginning it was a little more difficult than expected. Now being back in Germany for some time, I noticed how I changed and how the life in Groningen brought out a better version of myself. I believe that working or studying abroad is one of the best experiences one can make in his or her life and therefore, I encourage everyone to try it. In my opinion it is great that the exchange and collaboration is facilitated.

Was denkst du über den IWP EDRiT Innovationswerkstatt?

I like the idea that at the IWP EDRiT people come together to work together for the region. It is a great meeting point for everyone in the EDR. The IWP connects us and shows that we are one region regardless of the formal border.

Was ist dein Rat an einen Arbeitgeber?

Please be open, not only to talent from the other side of the border, but to new ideas as well. There is a lot of potential in the region, and I believe if we highlight and encourage all the benefits of working in the EDR, many talents will choose to stay in the region, and you will benefit from the skilled labor that is trained in this region.

Was rätst du einem Studenten oder Arbeitssuchenden?

You do not need to move far away to have an exciting job that actually moves something. In the EDR it is clear to see what you do with your contribution and how you can change the life of many people in this region. You will find an impactful work, that moves you forward and everyone in this area. And you can experience the best of both countries.