Join the CV Boost – the boost for your CV!

CV Boost

Have you almost completed your study or are you going to do so soon?
Are you looking for a challenging job in the Ems Dollard region?
Would you like to expand your prospects and network beyond the German-Dutch border?
Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer micro-internships, workshops and individual training courses for professionals. Participation is free and travel costs are reimbursed!

The CV Boost project, what is it?

There is currently a shortage of skilled workers in almost all fields – on both sides of the Dutch-German border. The CV Boost programme aims to keep talents from the Ems Dollard region in the Ems Dollard region by offering them an additional cross-border qualification.

For companies, the CV Boost programme offers the chance to get to know and connect motivated starters from higher education and vocational education to their own organisation.

The programme consists of the following modules:

Practical and legal aspects of cross-border working;
CV check and LinkedIn profile;
Interviewing on the other side of the border;
Cultural differences and intercultural skills;
The other language (Dutch for Germans and vice versa);
Career planning with design thinking;
Micro internship in a company across the border.
Upon fully attending the CV Boost, you will receive a final certificate which will add value to your CV. The programme is specially developed in cooperation with the International Business School of the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and the Hochschule Emden-Leer, making it compatible with work or study.

Target group

Students about to graduate;
Graduates with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree
Professionals looking for a new challenge in the cross-border labour market;
Trainees and professionals;

Dates and duration of the programme

In February, we will start again with a new CV Boost! An application link will appear on this website in due course.

Further information

Charlotte Hidding, Hanzehogeschool Groningen